How To Use The Zone Diet

How To Use The Zone Diet
How To Use The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet was popularized by Dr. Barry Sears. It advocates organize weight loss meals according to a 40 to 30 to 30 ratio. The focus is to get the body to achieve maximum fat burning potential. The plan is higher in protein than many others and so has been compared to low carb theories. Check out this guide to get started with the Zone Diet

– 1 –
Layer. . a list of the foods you usually eat and then find calorie information on these items and determine if they are carbohydrates protein or fat.

– 2 –
Make a weekly schedule for weight loss meals on the Zone Diet. Share breakfast lunch and dinner according to calories: 40% from carbohydrates the remaining 60% from protein and fat. Do not worry too much about calories!

– 3 –
Eat two snacks daily but try to keep them minimal. The Zone Diet stresses the importance of spreading consumption during the day to increase your metabolism.

– 4 –
Try to get carbohydrates from non-starch or steamed vegetables. Green and leafy vegetables are the best here. While the Zone Diet using only moderate amounts of rice pasta bread and other grains. Remember though that nothing is completely banned or prohibited.

– 5 –
Take fish oil supplements as a compliment to weight loss meals. They may be able to improve mental acuity and / or lower cholesterol.

Tips and Warnings

The Zone Diet is meant to be more of a lifestyle than a quick fix. Although results may vary do not expect instant success overnight.
Good” fats include butter and olive oil.
Consult a doctor or medical professional before you change your eating habits considerably.”

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