How To Troubleshoot Problems Weight Loss

How To Troubleshoot Problems Weight Loss
How To Troubleshoot Problems Weight Loss

So you’ve got a healthy weight loss plan and you still have trouble losing weight. ! Here is how to take what you have and fix it so it works for you
do you need:
A current weight loss plan

– 1 –
<. . br> Think exercise assumptions you’ve done to make your weight loss plan. Did you plan your diet suppose you want to exercise 30 minutes a day every day but find that you have trouble working out more than twice a week? Did you assume you are doing high intensity workouts for an hour but really your workouts are only 40 minutes of moderate intensity with 10 minutes of light warm-up / cool-down at the start and end of your workout? It is very easy for us to assume that we are more active than we really are and so we may inadvertently allow us more calories than we need.

– 2 –
Similarly watch your portion sizes. Often we eyeball our portion sizes and make a lot more than we should eat. If you’re not weigh or measure portions do it for a week to confirm that you are measuring the right (or to correct yourself if you are not).

– 3 –
Check the ingredients you use. If one recipe calls for whole wheat pasta or skimmed milk but using refined pasta and milk adding calories that are not accounted for in your diet plan.

– 4 –
Think honestly about what you eat. Are you a practical forget the little dessert or a small pat of butter on your bread? If desserts or other treats are not calculated in your diet consider scheduling them into your diet to avoid unforeseen temptations. If they are added to your diet consider step 2 (portion sizes) for those treats and make sure you are not considering accepting treats as a license to indulge without limits.

– 5 –

Do not forget pop-ups” and social events. Maybe it’s a spontaneous team building lunch that you could include in your diet or your colleague brings his world famous death-by chocolate brownies. Do not ignore these things but do not deny yourself the things either. Just consider your diet and eliminate similar items that you have already planned for the day or later in the week. Maybe skip desserts for the next two days if you have a big cake or eat salad you packed for lunch at noon instead of pasta you had planned for the evening.
Once again consider exercise. If you do not exercise right now it adds to your weight loss plans. You’ll burn more calories and keep your metabolism from slowing down. Often people who exercise claim that they are less motivated to eat unhealthy foods and tend to demand good-for-meals and snacks.

Tips and Warnings

mistakes happen. Do not beat yourself up for them! Instead remain positive. If you have a bad day do not think Oh I should not have eaten that ice cream!” Instead think Well eat that ice was not the best decision but look at yesterday when I turned down other work and the day before when I was able to drive an extra quarter mil before you have to stop and three days ago when I… “Acknowledge your mistakes but focus on the major achievements you have made to be motivated.
Avoid diet that is only a temporary change. You can not go back to old eating habits and expect to keep weight loss. Instead find a plan that incorporates a healthy weight-maintenance diet to keep the new weight.”