How To Stay Within A Healthy Weight Range

How To Stay Within A Healthy Weight Range
How To Stay Within A Healthy Weight Range

Weight loss statistics can be discouraging considering that only about 5% of dieters who have lost weight are able to keep it off. If you have met your weight loss goals so you know how good it feels. But if you are struggling to stay within a healthy weight range as there are steps you can take to make it easier
Be realistic. If you are struggling to stay within what you think is a healthy weight range so you may need to rethink your goals. For example according to a weight loss chart a woman who is 5 feet 3 inches a healthy weight range should be between 124 and 147. But there are other factors to consider such as age body type and how much muscle she has. So if she was a 45 year old woman with a large frame and more muscle from strength training several times a week she may have trouble maintaining her weight if she struggles for the low end of the table.

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Weigh in more often. Many dieters end up putting on weight because when they have reached a healthy weight range they tend to slip back to old eating habits. Even if you allow yourself an occasional splurge the best way to keep the weight off to weigh in several times per week. That way if you get a few pounds you can adjust your diet before weight get out of control.

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Move. Many people hate exercise and I am no exception but I find that insidious yesterday even when I do not feel like exercising helps. For example stand up and walk in place during commercials. Did you overdo it at dinner? Go out and play with your children after you eat or come right up and do the dishes and a few extra things. Anything that keeps you moving counts.

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Diary. This is actually something you should do while on your weight loss plan. If you did this you can look back and see how you felt when you were overweight compared to now.
Of course if you do not keep a journal during your weight loss plan it’s never too late. Right down what your feelings were when you had some food out and how you handled it. Also write down what eats every day and some of your favorite healthy recipes to give you ideas when you’re in a rut.

Tips and Warnings

Unfortunately diet does not end when you hit your target weight. That’s why you should not even think of it as dieting. To reach your goal and stay within a healthy weight range you need to look at this as a lifestyle change that will have a positive impact on your life.