Food That Heals Barrett’s Esophagus

Food That Heals Barrett’s Esophagus
Food That Heals Barrett’s Esophagus

Barrett’s esophagus is a condition characterized by metaplasia of the cells in the lower esophagus. The condition is generally considered a result of consistent exposure to acid. A balanced diet heavy in fruits and vegetables and mostly devoid of fatty foods and harmful beverages may prevent the development of Barrett’s esophagus and help fight it when it has already developed
One of the best things you can do for Barrett’s esophagus is to maintain a balanced diet and that usually means eating a wide variety of good foods. Concentrate especially on vegetables fruits and whole grains. Take a walk through the store and take these foods-but select ones you’ve rarely or never eaten. This will ensure that you add possibly much needed variety to your diet. When is the last time you tried Bok Choy kale mesclun watercress acorn squash lentils or okra-all good vegetables? What about prunes papaya honeydew melons kiwi or avocado?
A food” that most people simply do not get enough of is water. Not only will it help Barrett’s esophagus it will increase your overall health. Drinking lots of water-at least eight cups a day-helps the body get rid of toxins and other wastes. The human body is after all made up of 75 percent water.
Sugar Salt Refined grains
Avoid sugary foods from junk food to soda. Foods that contain a lot of salt should also be avoided. Severely limit your intake of refined grains too. Foods that contain refined grains include white rice white flour and white bread. Instead try to use whole-wheat flour oatmeal brown rice whole cornmeal or cracked wheat.
Other Foods to Avoid
Do not drink alcohol. Do not use tobacco. Avoid oils chocolate creamy foods (including creamy soups) fast foods whole milk fatty or fried foods and citrus juices and fruits (including oranges pineapples tomatoes and grapefruit). Avoid caffeinated beverages. Spicy foods should also be avoided.”