How To Squat Correctly

How To Squat Correctly
How To Squat Correctly

Learn how to fight properly. Squats are the most effective muscle building exercise but most do them wrong. Learn how to do them correctly and get amazing results. . .

– 1 –
Step back from the stand with your weight on your back and look straight ahead without any movement of the neck or head. Take in a few deep breaths at the top.

– 2 –
Just before you lower your body to squat sticking your butt out and in one fluid motion try to imagine yourself sitting on an invisible chair. Hold your breath on your way down and keep your weight at a healer. Sit back in it. The way to test whether you lean back far enough if you feel it in your hamstrings more than you’re used to. It’s a good thing. If you feel it more in the quads you’re stooping too much. You do not want to fall over with barbell crushing down on your neck makes you. Train yourself to do it the right way.

– 3 –
Keep looking straight and lower your butt down to the top of your thighs (not the bottom) are parallel to the floor.
Spring up in one fluid motion to the top while exhaling sharply ;. head looking forward (not up and certainly not down) throughout the movement