How To Overcome A Diet Relapse

How To Overcome A Diet Relapse
How To Overcome A Diet Relapse

You were plugging away on this diet thing. You journaled every bite stock your kitchen with healthy food and actually began enjoying salad. Then it happened. A vacation rolled around you spent the day at the state fair or you found yourself stressed depressed or angry too tired. Whatever the reason you fell off the old diet wagon. That does not mean you will admit defeat! This is a lifestyle change it’s going to take time. Pick yourself up shake off the dust and get back on the wagon.
You need:
decaffeinated coffee
. Decaffeinated soda.

– 1 –
Mix it up a bit. A common cause of relapse is your weight loss routine has become too well routine! Shopping at a different store or farmers market and bring home some different appealing yet healthy foods. Take a new exercise class. Find a new walking route. Make it new and exciting again.

– 2 –
Learn from it. Sit in a quiet place all alone and write in your journal or just think about what you got to have this relapse. Is there a situation that will probably arise again? Plan detours or escape routes now so that the next time a similar circumstance arises you will be ready to tackle it.

– 3 –
Take your measurements. Sometimes people go off diets because it is not budging. Why put in all the effort if it does any good? By taking body measurements regularly you may be happily surprised to see that you are actually getting smaller in all the right places. Make sure you log measurements for future comparison.

– 4 –
Find support. Enlist your spouse friend or family member to hold you accountable and encourage you. Be careful however that sometimes those closest to you has been your aids in the past. Because they love you it may be difficult for them to call you when you deviate from the plan. If so apply a weight loss support group.

– 5 –
Reward yourself. If you feel the ultimate goal is too far away to even think about it would be easy to throw in the towel. Instead set smaller goals and reward yourself when you reach them. Make the reward something good that you normally would not do for yourself as long as there is food.

Tips and Warnings

Regular exercise will help you reach your goals faster and maintain the new healthy weight.
If you are binging and purging seek help immediately.