How To Buy Creatine Powder

How To Buy Creatine Powder
How To Buy Creatine Powder

Before you decide to use creatine a metabolite that aids in dopant understand what it does and how you intend to use it. Although creatine found in the body providing you take creatine your muscles an extra boost of energy increases muscle volume and aids in faster recovery between sets. Creatine comes in powder pill and tablet form and can be taken either before or after a workout. Buying creative powder requires carefully choosing a quality product to ensure maximum results. Here are ways to find creatine supplements to suit your needs

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Check the label. Watch out for creatine citrate and creatine phosphate as they are usually more expensive and does not work as effectively as creatine monohydrate. Alfredo Franco-Obregon author of Creatine a practical guide noting that “creatine citrate contains 400 milligrams per 1 gram and phosphate containing 623 milligrams of creatine while creatine monohydrate has 880 milligrams.” Having more creatine plus your means you spend less per serving and that will save you money.

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Search online deals. Places like drugstore. com GNC. com and evitaminstore. com regularly sell creatine at a discount and have a wide variety of brands.

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Visit your local dealer. Many health and fitness stores carry creatine monohydrate and some supplement in bulk which can save you money.

Tips and Warnings

See a doctor before taking creatine supplements and let your doctor know if you are on any medication.
Do not take more than 5 grams of creatine which is the daily recommended value. Excess creatine will not improve results.”