How To Choose Good South Beach Diet Snacks

How To Choose Good South Beach Diet Snacks
How To Choose Good South Beach Diet Snacks

One of the great things about the South Beach Diet is that snacking is not only allowed but it is necessary. Phase 1 of this low-carb healthy fat diet meant to stabilize insulin levels and cravings under control. Strategic snacking is one of the best ways to meet those goals. If you are unsure how to choose good South Beach Diet snacks continue reading and then check out the Resources section for more ideas
do you need:
lean proteins
. Good fats.
Fiber vegetable sources.

– 1 –
Eat snacks twice a day -. morning and mid afternoon
Include lean protein healthy fats and fiber
Say moo and includes healthy calcium choices:
-Low-Fat or nonfat milk or soy milk (try unsweetened soy)
-Low-Fat cheeses
-Van Or low-carb sugar-free flavored yogurt
-Cottage Cheese (1-2% or fat-free)
Keep it simple. . No need for a lot of thought with choices like these:
-Hard boiled egg
-fettfattig cheese (pre-packaged cheese sticks really keep it simple)
-edamame (fresh soybeans)
-Nøtter (Limit to 1 serving per day)
-The Brake disc’s tomato sprinkled with salt and basil

– 5 –
Dip it. Make dips that you use with fresh vegetables :.
-Use Light sour cream or low-fat or fat-free yogurt for base
-Use Dried blends as long as they do not contain sugar
-Mix A combination of fresh vegetables and herbs
Use beans. . They are considered a good carb South Beach Diet:
Roasted chickpeas (mix one can drained chickpeas-aka garbanzo beans) to taste with a little olive oil and seasoning (your choice) fried until crunchy
-Hummus (Blend 1 can drained chickpeas with tahini aka sesame paste onions garlic cumin salt parsley lemon juice and a little olive oil.
-Black Bean dip (Blending black beans low-fat cream cheese garlic salt and salsa)
Eat your vegetables. . There is a large list to choose from. The list below is just a small part of what you can eat
-. Green beans
-summer squash
-Tomato (1 whole or 10 cherries per serving)
-Cottage Cheese with chopped fresh vegetables
Mix it up. The best snack to combine protein and vegetables:
-Sugar-Free peanut butter (buy natural or grind your own) on celery
-Ham Lean meat or lunch wrapped around a slice of pickle
-Fresh Salsa with vegetables to dip
-meat Fillings wrapped in lettuce
-. Cheddar cheese with some nuts
Sweeten it up. . . with sugar substitutes of course.
-Sugar-Free fudgsicles or popsicles
-Sukkerfri Syrup over fat-free yogurt
-frø nuts cinnamon and sugar substitute baking for crunchy
-Sugar-Free gelatin
-Sugar-Free hard candies

Tips and Warnings

Nuts are restricted to one server per day on the South Beach Diet. A portion can be 15 almonds walnuts pecans or cashews macadamia 8 20 small peanuts or 1 teaspoon of peanut butter.
Phase 1 does not fruit dairy or starch such as pasta rice cereal or bread.
Limit sweet treats such as candy and fudgesicles to 75 calories per day.