How To Cut Calories Quickly

How To Cut Calories Quickly
How To Cut Calories Quickly

Are you looking for easy ways to cut out unnecessary calories from your diet? ! Follow these steps and watch the calories drop

– 1 –
First keep a journal for a week with every single thing you eat-including any additional salt sugar or sauces that you add something and the calorie count
When the week is over scan through each day and look for extras that you may omit. . . Salt sugar and other flavorings will surprisingly increase the calorie count by a huge amount. Simply removing a heaping tablespoon of sugar that you add to your coffee every morning will cut 25 calories.

– 3 –
After you have removed the extras from weekly intake pay attention to how many snacks you are enjoying”. Generally the average individual has three meals a day and a snack between each meal.

– 4 –
Cut out all the sugary drinks. Stick to water that will fill you up and remove the urge to snack. Allow yourself a can of diet soda a day if you just can not cut out all but over time you realize that it just is not worth it.

– 5 –
After following these steps trying to keep a journal for a week of everything you eat and calorie count. Tally up the difference you will be surprised at the calories you no longer eat from small things like drinks and sauces