How To Compare Jenny Craig With Nutrisystem

How To Compare Jenny Craig With Nutrisystem
How To Compare Jenny Craig With Nutrisystem

Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem both offer popular weight-loss systems with many of the same features. But there are enough differences between the two applications for you to compare and make a decision when you decide to enlist some help to lose those few extra pounds

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Put some criteria. First decide exactly what information you are looking for. This should include the various programs available the features of each program the cost of each program the support you get how food is considered by those who are members and any other criteria that matters to you.

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Research both companies. This can be done easily by going to each site and filling out information for criteria you specify. This can be done in a column or table format to keep everything organized and easy to read. For this step just use company websites to gather information.

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Become familiar with each company. This should include information to compare companies themselves. For example the Jenny Craig founded by Sid Jenny Craig and now consists of 660 franchises. Nutrisystem has been around for 35 years offering personalized cous ling via telephone and email. Jenny Craig offers personal counseling via telephone email and in person at their centers. Compare the success of companies and read success stories found on each of their websites.

– 4 –
Get an unbiased opinion. Now that you know what both Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem is both to offer you need to get the true opinions of those who have used the programs and are not endorsed by one. Check out ChowHound and Yahoo Answers for testimonials of real people. Ask people you know who is on each of the programs that they really mean.

– 5 –
Understand the purpose of the programs. The programs are both designed to provide you with pre-made food that follows what you are supposed to be eating and then slowly weans you off on real food. Look carefully at the cost of meals and food choices offered as these factors can help you make a final decision.

Tips and Warnings

If you do not learn how to eat and cook in a healthy way you will gain the weight back and wasting money.