Eat Healthy Nutrition Guide

Eat Healthy Nutrition Guide
Eat Healthy Nutrition Guide

People’s diets have changed radically over the past 100 years. From moving away from simple whole grains for processed grains and bleached flour to the movement of meat and fat into the center of a modern diet many of these supplements changes have not been good for people’s overall health. Although diet of many people have changed the dietary needs of the majority remained unchanged
You need:. .
An exercise program.
Proper diet.

food Pyramid
The food pyramid 1970s purported to show the correct weight of certain food groups over others. It was eventually replaced by the US government’s My Pyramid which changed food group weight and did their best to correct the fundamental problems with the original food pyramid. The old food pyramids has recently been replaced by the Harvard Healthy Eating Pyramid which builds on the solid conceptual foundation created by the original food pyramids.
Fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains
Apart from good regular exercise consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains are the basic foundation of healthy nutrition. A good way to prepare vegetables is to either steam them or cook them in a healthy oil such as olive oil. Fresh fruits and vegetables are nutritionally complete provides everything from fiber to vitamins and minerals and very healthy plant-based protein.
healthy fats
Fat in the diet should contain no trans-fats which have been linked to heart disease. Certain other fats are better for your health than others. Traditionally the fats and oils contained in fish considered very healthy because of their high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids. Olive oil has been considered as the healthiest cooking oil available. However canola oil peanut oil sunflower oil and soybean oil are also very healthy cooking oils and offer some advantages such as heat tolerance of olive oil.