How To Use Interval Training

How To Use Interval Training
How To Use Interval Training

Interval training can be used for multiple purposes when it comes to fitness. The best part is that you do not need to be in good shape to enjoy the benefits. In fact it is a great way for a beginner to boost their fitness. If you want to gradually work your way in good shape when interval training may be just what you need
do you need:. .
60-80 Organic lemons
2 liters Grade B Maple Syrup.
1/2 cup Sea Salt.
10 liters (at least) well water.
2 oz.
 Cayenne pepper.
Herbal laxatives (like Smooth Move Tea).
Herbal Tea (good to have Ginger Tea on hand).

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Interval training simply means varying the intensity level of what kind of exercise you can do. For example if you swim you swim in slow to moderate pace followed by a fast pace so back to brake as fast before you have done this for the entire routine. The possibilities are endless when you do this with various kinds and timing to increase speed and endurance as well as strength.

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You can also use interval training to boost metabolism. Most people use cardio to increase metabolism and use 45-60 minutes on a treadmill elliptical or stationary bike. If you add interval training to boost metabolism in half the time because of the level of intensity and short bursts of energy pushes the body to do more in less time.

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Apropos of metabolism it is reasonable to assume that some people do this to lose weight which is good to think. It is true that when you up metabolism it helps you lose weight. However you do not have to do cardio to lose weight with interval training. For example it may be your favorite exercise is walking so all you need do is go slowly for ten minutes then fast ten and back up this way for 30-60 minutes. This way you burn more calories and lose weight it’s as simple as that.

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Believe it or not there are people who have a dangerously low heart rate this may occur with age or as a result of serious illness. Interval training can be used to gradually recover pulse. While aerobic and cardio exercise is too difficult for them since they can not keep a steady pace is interval training not because of their ability to slow down and rest.

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Some use interval training to keep from getting bored. After all 45-60 minutes of the same thing over and over again come to you. So if you speed up and slow down the adds variety. Not to mention added intensity upped the ante and you can probably cut your workout down to 30 minutes saving time another reason to use interval training.
As you can see there are several reasons to use interval training in your exercise and there really is no down side so why not give it a try.