Healthy Low-carb Diets

Healthy Low-carb Diets
Healthy Low-carb Diets

Many manufactures low-carb dieting as nothing more than suffering through endless plates of bacon eat whole blocks of cheese and consumer pound after kilo of meat. Although this may be accurate about some of the less-developed low-carb diets there are still some low-carb diets that reach their goals more affordable and still provide essential nutrients. Two diets that fail to eschew carbs and promoting health is the 7 Rules Diet and refined Physique Transformation
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7 Rules Diet
The 7 Rules Diet is the culmination of Dr. John Berardi research on weight management and performance enhancement. Dr. Berardi is a Ph. D. biochemist and nutritionist from Canada who works with a variety of customers from athletes to stay-at-home mothers and children. One thing that his clients have in common is that they follow the seven rules.

The 7 rules are a carb-free diet that emphasizes a healthy balanced approach to nutrition. The 7 rules are:

one. Consume small meals every two to three hours
two. Consume lean protein with every meal-meat fish chicken or eggs
three. Consume fruits and vegetables at every meal
four. Consume carbohydrates from just fruit and vegetables
five. Consume at least 25 percent of your daily calories from fat animal fats natural fats (avocados and coconuts) and oils (fish flax and olive).
6. Drink only zero calorie drinks restricted to only water and green tea if possible
7. Consume only solid meals-no liquid nutrition

Dr. Berardi asks for 90 percent compliance so if you eat six meals a day (42 meals per week) you can have a cheat” item under four of those meals. “Cheating” means either eating something that is not permitted by the rules or skip a scheduled meal.
Refined Physique Transformation
Refined Physique Transformation was developed by the Canadian strength coach Christian Thibaudeau. Thibaudeau makes his living training bodybuilders and performance athletes so he has a vested interest in developing systems to help dieters get in shape in record time. Refined Physique Transformation contains several templates you can choose from depending on your body-fat percentage at the start of the diet. Regardless of your level of leanness is Refined Physique Transformation a low-carb approach. The lowest recommended carb intake is 30g a day and the highest 0. 55g per kilogram of body weight (usually no more than 130g of carbohydrates which is still quite low). Thibaudeau recommends green vegetables at each meal keeping health as foremost concern. Unlike seven rules however contain Refined Physique Transformation “carb-up” periods scheduled every five to 14 days where the dieter is asked to consume tons of natural carbohydrates to replenish muscle glycogen and cause additional fat loss.

Whether you choose to follow the 7 Rules or Refined Physique Transformation both plans prove that low-carb diets may be well-rounded and healthy approaches to eating.”