a brain tumor is an area of ??abnormal cell growth in the brain. brain tumors are also called neoplasms and there are a number of types of brain tumors are classified by the region where they appear and their size. Many brain tumors are malignant which means they require some form of medical attention it is important to seek treatment for neurological abnormalities at an early stage such as brain tumors and other neurological conditions will only grow worse if they are not addressed. .
neurological symptoms such as dizziness difficulty balancing blurred vision personality changes confusion memory loss lack of muscle control and slurred speech often characterize brain tumors. in severe cases seizures and other dangerous symptoms develop. such symptoms are caused by pressure on the brain exerted by the tumor. If the tumor is allowed to get very large it can prevent blood flow to the region of the brain where it is located causing cell death and permanent injury.
medical imaging such as MRI can be used to identify the presence of a brain tumor. However the tumor can only be confirmed by examination of a tissue sample from the brain. Once a brain tumor is identified and graded a doctor discuss treatment methods and develop a treatment plan. removal of the tumor is often recommended unless the tumor is in an inoperable position and use of chemotherapy radiation and other techniques can be used in an attempt to kill the tumor and to prevent a recurrence.

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