Food With Fiber In Them

Food With Fiber In Them
Food With Fiber In Them

According to the Mayo Clinic the recommended daily intake of fiber 21-25 grams for women and 30 years to 38 for men. Many foods have fiber content but some have more than others. Here are foods with lots of fiber in each serving
One of the biggest fiber sources are beans-kidney beans pinto beans lima beans soybeans. All are loaded with fiber. Black beans have one of the highest levels of fiber with about 15 grams per cup.
Most fruits contain between three and six grams of fiber per serving making them a tasty place to boost your natural fiber intake. Raspberry top of fiber diagram with eight grams of fiber per serving.
Nuts are also a great source of fiber. Pistachios almonds cashews sunflower seeds all contain between three and four grams per serving
Grains such as brown rice oats barley and wheat contain from three to seven grams per serving barley is one of the best sources with six grams of fiber per serving.
Vegetables are a great place to get natural fiber and comes with a variety of other nutrients as well. Corn broccoli turnips and peas all offers between four and nine grams of fiber per serving. A fiber champion among vegetables is artichokes-more than 10 grams of fiber per medium artichoke.

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