Noni Juice Facts And Benefits

Noni Juice Facts And Benefits
Noni Juice Facts And Benefits

Noni the magical fruit from Polynesia has a growing base of fans who swear by its health benefits. Noni is considered a cure-all product of many but at the same time that the receivables that have not been proven and studies are still conducted. Despite such a lack of convincing research the popularity of the ugly fruit is increasing worldwide and sales of noni juice capsules and powders rising
What is Noni?
Noni also known as Morinda citrifolia is a white potato-shaped fruit that grows on a tree out of the coffee family. Most noni juice is made from fruit grown in Tahiti and Hawaii. Ripe noni fruit has a thin white skin and white juicy flesh with many small seeds. The tree can grow up to 10 meters high and has large dark green leaves.
With its be scent and bitter taste it is noni not the gourmet list of plants and these attributes also led to its nickname as cheese plant.” Only in times of famine was noni eaten as food. Traditional medicine in the Pacific region to use all parts of the noni plant to cure ailments. Nevertheless today can often see glass on Pacific region home filled with ripe noni sitting in the sun to ferment.
commercial distribution of noni began in the mid 90s. Today there are more than 300 manufacturers of noni juice most of them located in the US
Noni Nutrients
Noni is full of minerals vitamins and antioxidants. It is vitamin C iron potassium niacin (Vitamin B3) Vitamin A sodium calcium and a variety of phytochemicals. The amount of vitamin content but is not impressive it is within of an orange and at the same time the sodium content was three times as high as in an orange
Traditionally noni. has been used to strengthen the immune system curing digestive conditions breathing problems skin problems cuts burns various types of pain menstrual problems abscesses and even broken bones.
Users have claimed to feel an increase in energy a lowering of cholesterol and an overall increase in stamina and wellbeing.
Studies show a positive effect on the reduction of cancer cells in rats. Athletes who took noni showed more stamina but it should be used with caution as a couple of noni juice brands on the list of banned substances in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code.
Currently the creators of noni juice medical professionals and the FDA are still arguing about the potential benefits of noni. Hundreds of studies have been conducted with no clear results that all parties can accept.
Due to the high levels of potassium should noni juice not taken by people with kidney problems. Pregnant women should always consult their doctor before taking any supplements.”