How To Lose Weight Without Pills Or Exercise

How To Lose Weight Without Pills Or Exercise
How To Lose Weight Without Pills Or Exercise

Losing weight through diet is not just about restricting calories it is to see how many of fat protein and carbohydrates that come from these calories. I will give you the opportunity to find out just how much you need to eat to lose weight naturally and safely
You need:. .
scratch paper.
Small portable or journal.

– 1 –
The first step is to determine your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). This is how much energy you spend just resting. BMR is equal to your IBW x 10 if you are male and x 9 if you are a woman. (IBW = ideal body weight or what the weight will eventually)

– 2 –
The next step is to determine your adjusted rate based on your age. If you are less than 30 years old hold your BMR is. If you are 30-40 years old subtract your BMR by 3%. If you are 40-50 years old subtract your BMR by 5%. If you are over 50 years old subtract your BMR by 8%. EX: A 42 year old woman wants to weigh 150 pounds. She multiplies that by the first 9 (step one) to 1350. She then multiplies by 5% (. 05) (40-50 years old) to 67.5. It is drawn from the 1350 to give an adjusted rate of 1282.5.

– 3 –
The next step is to determine your activity level and total calories per day. Sedentary levels include: sitting sewing writing or standing. Very light levels include: easy gardening going 2-3 mph bowling or cycling 5 mph. Moderate levels include: mowing the yard dance table tennis or go 3-4 mph. Heavy levels among others. a.: aerobics jogging / running skiing swimming tennis and walking> 5mph.
If the level is Sedentary add 35% to the adjusted BMR Very Light levels add 40% Moderate levels add 50% and Heavy levels add 75%.
EX: The 42-year-old woman (above) who is Sedentary would use the following: (Adjusted BMR) 1282.5 x 0.35 = 448.8. 1282. 5 + 448. 8 = 1731. 3 (total calories).

– 4 –
Step 4 is to determine (based on total calories) how many you need of carbohydrates fat and protein. To figure out your carbs multiply total calories per day with 60% (. 60) and divide by four. To determine the fat grams multiply total calories per day with 20% (0.20) and divide by 9. To determine protein multiply total calories per day with 20% (0.20) and divide by four. This is consuming as you need to eat per day.
Now while protein and carbohydrate grams is important if you follow the number of fat grams per day and keep the level under your given daily intake you will lose weight.

– 5 –
The very last step is to take a daily journal or notebook and keep a food journal. It has been shown that keeping a food journal helps people lose more weight. It will also make it easier to track how many calories of fat you eat so you do not guess or forget.

Tips and Warnings

Always keep in mind the number of portions you eat. A food with 4 grams of fat but two servings actually 8 grams of fat.
Fat calories for fast food or restaurants can usually be found online.
You can always eat a higher number of fat grams but it will require that you increase your activity level.
It always helps to eat a variety of foods to include all food groups (whole grains fruits vegetables dairy products and meat).
Always check with a doctor before starting any diet or exercise program especially if you have a medical condition.