How To Calculate Body Fat Using Calipers

How To Calculate Body Fat Using Calipers
How To Calculate Body Fat Using Calipers

Keeping track of body fat plays a big role in managing your weight and overall health. Fortunately this critical step will not need to break the bank. Using a good set of body fat calipers you can achieve results that provide body composition measurements are almost as accurate as expensive hydrostatic weighing (although hydrostatic weighing is the best way to determine a percentage point). The results of the following will give you measurements that you can trace to monitor your body composition
You need:.
Skinfold calipers.
fabric or flexible tape measure.
felt tip marker.
Certified professional sensor or friend.

– 1 –
With the help of a certified examiner or friend measure each skinfold site that follows the steps below using tape and marker to mark a line on the body in the exact place where the measurement is taken. For each skinfold site pinching the skin at the marked location placing calipers 1 cm (half inch) below the fingers at a right angle to clamp and read measurement within 2 seconds of crushing.
Triceps :. Pinch a vertical fold of skin halfway between acromian (bony tip of the shoulder) and olecranon (elbow) processes along the midline of the posterior (back) surface arm while hanging freely at your side with the palm facing forward
Subscapular: Pinch a diagonal fold 1-2 cm (1 inch) from the inferior angle. . scapula (shoulder blade)
Midaxillary :. . Pinch a vertical or horizontal fold in midaxillary line running down from the armpit to the level of the xiphoid process of the sternum (just below the nipple).
Breast:. Pinch a diagonal fold halfway between the anterior axillary line (armpit crease) and the nipple (for men) or a third of the distance between the two (for women).
Stomach:. . . Pinch a vertical fold 2 cm (1 inch) to the right of the umbilicus (navel)

Suprailiac: Pinch a diagonal fold immediately superior to the iliac crest in accordance with the angle of the iliac crest (just above the hip bone)
Thigh:. . Pinch a vertical fold halfway between the proximal border of the patella (upper knee) and inguinal pressure (hip) on the anterior (front) midline of the thigh.

Tips and Warnings

Pinch your thumb and forefinger deep enough to draw fat without pulling up the muscles.
Take all measurements on right side of body.
Repeat measurements at each location three times using the average of each starting at step one allowing time for each site to rest in between measurements
Keep consistent! Have the same person taking measurements every time.
Keep calipers calibrated.
Because of the great variety of body types and fitness levels it is not appropriate to convert skinfold measurements to body fat percentage. It is best to use the measurements are summarized from multiple sites to monitor and compare the body fat measures over time.