apiphobia is irrational fear of bees or being stung by bees and it is related to phobia called spheksophobia fear of wasps. This fear can develop in many ways and it is called irrational because honey bees rarely sting except the last defense. When a honeybee stings it dies so will these bees usually do not sting although they may of course be curious and flying around people and if extremely threatened they resort to this final attack.
Unfortunately apiphobia a fear that can be inflated by public representation of bees. In particular the news coverage of ‘killer bees’ or africanized bees given the honeybee a terrible and undeserved reputation. the fact that the human race is dependent on honeybees to pollinate as many edible plants are lost in the headlines about the spread of killer bees is said to stab people to death in short periods of time. inflated fear of bees can lead to indifference to protect this most vital of species and they are confronted with a honey bee rather than just to walk away from it you decide it must be killed instead.
reactions when people suffer true apiphobia may vary. some people want a fight reaction struck out on bee and kill it if they can. others are so terrified of these creatures as they won ‘t spend time anywhere outdoors where bees frequent. when confronted by a bee they can scream have a panic attack have high respiration or pulse and sweating profusely. since these fears are unreasonable it is often difficult to convince apiphobic person to just walk away from the bee which is usually the best way to avoid a painful bee meeting.
apiphobia is often a common childhood fear and there are methods of therapy to help children recover from this phobia. These may include desensitization methods that help gradually introduce children to images and then bees to help them recover. education about bees may be useful but is usually made when a certain degree of control over anxiety can be exercised.

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