How To Chrysin Works?

How To Chrysin Works?
How To Chrysin Works?

aromatase -. Reducing estrogen levels
Chrysin is a naturally occurring chemical which can be extracted from the blue passion flower and in smaller amounts from honeycombs. Often advertised as a bodybuilder’s supplement was Chrysin originally thought to act as an aromatase inhibitor. Aromatase inhibitors reduce the level of estrogen in the body by inhibiting production of the enzyme aromatase which is important in the biosynthesis of estrogen and therefore increases testosterone levels. But recent studies suggest that chrysin does not inhibit aromatase really or at least not increase testosterone levels. Chrysin has also been claimed to increase libido and as a remedy for anxiety but there are insufficient data available to assess these claims.
Estrogen and testosterone
aromatase converts testosterone to estradiol and is produced naturally in the body. The idea behind chrysin is to lower production of aromatase. Aromatase naturally breaks down testosterone to estradiol through oxidation and the elimination of a methyl group and is essential in the production of estrogen. In the 1980s many studies conducted in laboratories that suggested chrysin can be used as an herbal supplement for bodybuilders. However later studies studying bodily effects determined that cell membranes block chrysin penetrates the cells thus blocking any biological effect of estrogen and testosterone levels. This means that chrysin is really ineffective for use as it is sold.
Studies involving biological organisms suggests that chrysin has no effect on estrogen or testosterone levels but may have other negative effects on the body. Abnormal function of the thyroid gland is a negative effect generally associated with chrysin use. Mice treated with chrysin experienced weight management problems due to chrysin ability to interfere with the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.

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