Foods That Can Help You Sleep

Foods That Can Help You Sleep
Foods That Can Help You Sleep

eating certain foods or a combination of food at night may help you sleep. The key is to choose natural sedatives like tryptophan and foods with high glycemic ranking. Tryptophan is an essential ingredient to produce the neurotransmitter called serotonin which calms the body and induce sleep. Food that makes you sleepy can also help to ease the symptoms of certain medical conditions that affect sleep including depression cancer Parkinson’s disease and insomnia.
Potatoes and sweet potatoes are root vegetables that do not spike blood sugar levels too high. The vegetable is known to remove the acids in the body blocking tryptophan. Choose red baked potatoes french fries and mashed potatoes made with low-fat milk to promote a healthy sleep.
dairy products
Dairy products contain tryptophan which is why a warm glass of milk is often suggested to induce sleep. Choose low-fat ice cream reduced fat milk low fat yogurt and frozen yogurt for the best results. Also choose plain or vanilla flavors and avoid coffee-flavored milk products
Low in protein and high in carbohydrates promotes vegetables help sleep-especially asparagus broccoli cauliflower corn kale spinach squash peas and pumpkins. Pairing carbohydrate-rich foods with dairy products increases the level of tryptophan in the blood.
According to nutrition specialist Joy Bauer fruit is one of the best types of food that produce serotonin. The most effective are mango papaya grapes oranges grapefruit and plums. Bananas contain melatonin hormone that tells the brain it’s time to shut the body down for the night. Watermelon also possesses certain sugars and chemicals that promote the production of serotonin and L-tryptophan.
tofu Dessert
According to Reader’s Digest eat foods with high glycemic index four hours before bedtime will help you fall asleep in half the usual time. In a simple scale of 1 to 100 ranks a frozen tofu dessert high with a value of 115. Another dessert that induce sleep is a slice of angel food cake topped with berries.
If you eat too much sugar before going to bed you’re more likely to stay awake longer. A small amount of glucose but can send a signal to the brain to stop producing neurotransmitter associated with wakefulness. Before bedtime add honey in a cup of milk or natural relaxing chamomile tea to help you sleep.
Nuts and seeds
Almonds encourage sleep with sedative properties of tryptophan and magnesium which acts as a muscle relaxant. Delivers omega-3 fatty acids in the body flaxseeds natural prepare body and mind for sleep. Other choices are peanut butter and walnuts. Choose unsalted nuts and seeds for best results.