What Are The Benefits Of Sport On Health?

What Are The Benefits Of Sport On Health?
What Are The Benefits Of Sport On Health?

You do not need to be a health expert to understand that people who engage in regular exercise not only feel better perform better at work but generally live longer too. But what kind of benefits you can expect to be involved in a regular sports program and what is the best sport to get involved in?

According to many exercise physiologists is a complete training program consisting of not only aerobic exercise such as running and swimming but should also include a number of sports that improves aerobic endurance flexibility and muscle strength.
Get Started
If you are over 40 years or it’s been a while since you played a sport starting with a complete physical examination including a comprehensive lipid profile of blood to rule out any risk of heart disease. Conditions such as hypertension diabetes and high cholesterol may be lurking in the background and you may not even be aware of them. A complete physical examination will help identify such risk factors and identify the best way to handle them.

If you have a family history of heart disease your doctor may recommend that you have a stress test” before engaging in a sports program. A stress test will help your doctor find the best approach to start a sports program and how much you can handle at first.

Many gyms offer complete “fitness assessment tests” that includes aerobic fitness flexibility muscular strength and range of motion that will help you identify which areas need the most work and how to go about getting started.
aerobic Exercise
Aerobic exercise is any exercise that uses large muscle groups over a long period. According to the American College of Sports Medicine adults should engage in at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise on their “target heart rate most days of the week to control their body weight reduce blood pressure and increase HDL cholesterol. People who want to lose weight should exercise more often and for longer durations.

Good choice that combines aerobic exercise and sports include running hiking cycling (both road and mountain) cross country skiing snowshoeing and many more.
Stretching and maintain good Range of Motion
Stretching and maintain good range of motion go hand in hand with all the other parts of a full sports program. Sports fitness activities that are particularly beneficial to improve flexibility include yoga pilates tennis fencing and other activities that require a wide range of motion.

Before participating in activities that are likely to move the joints beyond their “comfortable” range of motion make sure to take some time to warm up the joints with low intensity activity. For example before your first tennis match take a short trip for five to ten minutes to improve joint circulation.
Took muscle strength
Mention strength training and the first thing that most people think about is spending hours in the weight room with free weights. However there are also a number of other ways to use gravity and your body weight to improve muscle strength.

Many fitness clubs have now “climbing” to simulate the thrill of rock climbing outdoors. Wall climbing is a great way to finish the construction of muscular strength in all major muscle groups like shoulders arms hands legs lower back and abdomen.
Competitive Fun
In addition to choosing sports that emphasize specific areas of fitness do not forget to take a break for general recreation. While sports like golf can induce high levels of aerobic fitness and muscular strength they’re entertaining relaxing competitive and fun.
Rest and relaxation
One of the key elements of high-quality health and fitness program (and often overlooked) is rest and relaxation. It takes the body time to recover from the daily stress and abuse that sports put on joints and muscles.

Even athletes who train for super-competitive events such as marathons or Ironman races incorporate adequate amounts of rest in their training regimen. Rest allows the tissues to heal re-build and perform better.”