How To Prepare Mentally For Losing Weight

How To Prepare Mentally For Losing Weight
How To Prepare Mentally For Losing Weight

There are many many diets out there and at some many of us have tried them. Some have worked and some have not.
But after being overweight most of my life and have tried most of what was there and not getting anywhere. I finally decided to go a different approach before I started my last and only diet for the rest of my life.
I knew deep in my heart that this would be the hardest thing I had ever done. If I were to succeed I have to look deeply into my head heart and soul to find the things I would need to achieve what I was trying to do.
I went to talk to one of my Elders to hopefully gain some wisdom for what I was about to do what I came away with was a single sentence: Everything worthwhile is never easy.
So take one step at a time I had to decide what I was willing to sacrifice to make this work for me.
If I gave up fast food I would not only save a lot of calories but also money too. I could use the money to buy new clothes that I lost weight. Eat more vegetables and fruit instead of a lot of meat would save on my grocery bill which meant more savings making decisions like this not only helped me lose weight but gave me a sense of well being knew I would be getting something positive for the victims mine.
You need:
. Dedication.
Friends / family.
. . Support System

– 1 –
In today’s society the temptation for food is there advertisements in all forms of media it is for example McDonald’s has made its mark on the very essence of society that they have a name for it
The next step in my plan was to find out what would work for me in terms of Determination and dedication.

– 2 –
Growing up in a family that believed food was a cure all for everything I learned to eat every time it was a stressful situation. This kind of thinking got me to where I was overweight.
Want to succeed in this more than anything else in the world I had to find out what I could do instead eat when stress came farmed it’s ugly head.
First I did my home into a haven I could come every day leaving my work and the world behind me. I changed the colors on the walls mine to peaceful calm pastel colors that gave me a sense of peace.
So I added music music that spoke to me which helped me shake all outside stress LIFE.

– 3 –
Sometimes no matter how hard we try to eliminate stress from our lives that just seem to interfere anyway. So what do we do we do in and STUFF ourselves or fight it with other actions?
For me what work was physical action if I got bad news of any kind instead of eating I learned to either start washing my whole house or walking. Not obsessively but enough to take the edge off not eating. Enough to where I could sit down and think through my STRESS rather than eat through it.
I too joined the YMCA so I could learn to swim and take Tai Chi class’ s was the main I went back to college.

I surrounded myself with people of similar interests and backed away from those who had negative attitudes or still as MAT as a comforter.

– 4 –
My next step was to call a family and friend meeting. I put all down told them about my decision and I want your help in keeping me on TRACKS.
I told them that my DETERMINATION AND COMMITMENT was RESALUTE that whatever I was going to keep on Track. I loved them all but I was never going to go back to eating to try and solve my problems.
Their blessings and were most appreciative and that I meant no disrespect but I was going all the way no matter what!

Tips and Warnings

Take this information and make it yours.
Make changes in your life that work for you.
Everything we do or think comes from the brain even eating so.
We must re-educate our brains to respond differently.
Do your usual three meals into six meals fooling the body into thinking your not dieting.
Eat slowly and relax while you eat.
When you start exercising go slow if you do not want to tear something before you get started.