Common Causes Of Joint Pain And Weakness

Common Causes Of Joint Pain And Weakness
Common Causes Of Joint Pain And Weakness

joint pain and weakness are two symptoms in a variety of problems. encompass most common causes of these symptoms of arthritis inflammation and infections. trauma injuries can also cause joint pain and weakness. a weak joint is usually the result of a damage to the surrounding muscle or in some cases a muscle disease. this may be limited to one common or all parts of the body depending on the type of problem.
Arthritis is one of the most common causes of joint pain and weakness. rigidity is another common sign of arthritis. although joint pain can be caused by arthritis are a number of factors that induce similar symptoms and hence are misdiagnosed.
to find a proper diagnosis doctor must also look at other symptoms. for example joint pain may be caused by Lyme disease although this will also be accompanied by a rash and other symptons. when a joint is painful to use for long time when weakness in the surrounding muscles often occurs as a result and thus weakness may not be a specific symptom of a problem but a consequence.
sometimes joint pain and weakness can occur throughout the body as a result of a disease. real muscle weakness occurs when the nervous system is not functioning properly or when there is a problem with the muscle itself. but sometimes the pain is just a result of aging.

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