How To Taking Calcium

How To Taking Calcium
How To Taking Calcium

Bone health is finally becoming a health problem of note for all people: men women and children. Calcium is a mineral that is essential for normal body functions particularly those relating to bone formation and maintenance. While most people are aware of this they often overlook the fact that in order for calcium to be absorbed from the stomach and used by your body it must be taken with vitamin D. Calcium needs vitamin D to work! With this in mind lets look at ways to effectively supplement your diet with calcium.
You need:
A list of calcium-enriched foods
. A discussion with health professionals on the amount and frequency of calcium / vitamin D you should take daily.
A calcium and vitamin D serum (blood) level if you and your doctor deems it necessary.
 (You may also need a bone or DEXA scan also.

– 1 –
Assess the need for calcium. While almost all needs calcium there are certain individuals who may need to take mineral and vitamin to prevent correct or modify bone disease. Calcium and vitamin D are essential nutrients for the body to grow strong.

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As you consider your need for calcium and vitamin D there are several categories and diseases that may warrant caution before taking these nutrients. These conditions include but are not limited to:
Kidney disease
past or present kidney stones
heart disease
Circulation problems
parathyroid gland disease
conditions including Lyme disease and acne that is treated with an antibiotic such as tetracycline

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Consult your healthcare and pharmacy and do some homework before choosing brands of calcium and vitamin D. In addition when you find an effective brand I usually encourage people to stick with this brand. Consistency does not matter! One of the major problems with vitamins minerals and supplements is that they are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. While there are numerous counter opinions in this position they simply do not treat the fact that many studies have found a deviation from 0 percent to 100 percent in some supplements. In fact supplements a study done on fish oil found that the majority of those studied did not actually contain oil at all!

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Get calcium by eating calcium and vitamin D -beriket food it’s the best way.
* An interesting side note here: As we have become more cautious with remedy of sun exposure we have also reduced our amount of vitamin D (the sunshine” vitamin). So stay out of the sun but make sure you get enough vitamin D to help the body absorb bone-strengthening calcium. .
Add these dairy and non-dairy calcium-rich foods to add to your diet:
Dairy Sources:
? Yogurt plain and fruit
? Milk low fat no fat or whole
? Cheese including American ricotta cheddar and mozzarella
? Milkshakes
? eggnog
Non-Dairy Sources:
? Salmon
? tofu
? rhubarb
? sardines
? Collard greens
? Spinach
? turnip greens
? okra
? white beans
? baked beans
? Broccoli
? peas
? Brussels sprouts
? sesame
? Bok choy
? Almonds

Tips and Warnings

Strong bones can help prevent breakage getting enough calcium and vitamin D in the diet
Always check! healthcare professional before supplementing your diet with vitamins minerals and other agents to see if they are right for you.
Never assume that over-the-counter supplements are “always safe and can not harm!” Why would anyone take a supplement they believed had no effect (good or bad) on their bodies? Essentially all you swallow affect your health.”