Ayurvedic Diet For Arthritis

Ayurvedic Diet For Arthritis
Ayurvedic Diet For Arthritis

The Ayurvedic diet for arthritis involves physical emotional mental and spiritual well-being of an individual. Food is to be appreciated and eaten in a loving way. Slow chewing recommended. The Ayurvedic diet is supposed to be easy on the digestive tract and minimal stress on your body. The diet will help you reduce the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. There are no side effects
Foods and drinks to enjoy
Eat a healthy diet. Enjoy a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. According Iloveindia. com the fruits apples grapes oranges and papaya highly recommended. Recommended vegetables contain a varied menu of juices as squash pumpkin acorn eggplant and summer varieties. A variety of vegetable soups are recommended.

A trial right to include in ayurvedic diet for arthritis is derived from Ayurveda Marketplace website: Bake one or two eggplants. Mash and cook for about 2 tbsp. castor oil. Add spices like cumin coriander turmeric garlic and salt while cooking. Eat this once a day for 2 to 3 months for relief.

Use a variety of spices and herbs. Your Ayurvedic diet for arthritis need spices and herbs which both adds flavor and heal. According IloveIndia. com and Sudhir Kumar MD the best spices are ginger coriander cumin fennel and turmeric. You can either add spices and herbs for cooking or make a tea out of them. A cup of hot water with 1/2 tsp. turmeric added are known to benefit arthritis symptoms.

Enjoy healthy beverages. Your arthritis will increase if you drink a mixture of 2 teaspoons. lemon juice and 1 tsp. honey mixed in a cup of hot water according to Ayurveda. Drink this twice a day. Other recommended drinks according to Ayurveda Marketplace include carrot juice beet juice cucumber juice coconut water and vegetable juice.
Foods and beverages to avoid or Moderate
Avoid dry or cold food. Hot spicy and fried food is not recommended according to Ayurveda Marketplace nor is it candy or wind-forming foods like cauliflower cabbage broccoli spinach potatoes and okra.

Foods that are high in fiber fat free processed or prepackaged is not recommended says Sudhir Kumar MD.

Limit the use of tea coffee white sugar yogurt alcohol cocoa and chocolate. Do not drink carbonated beverages of any kind since they contain no nutrients whatsoever.

Consume moderate amounts of eggs and cheese every day since they are not useful for your bones.
food Preparation
Cook food according to Ayurveda road. Then add taste and health. To reap the greatest rewards from Ayurvedic diet for arthritis make food easy to digest. According to Sudhir Kumar MD cook the preferred method. Maker allows your body to assimilate food easily and causes less wear on the body than other cooking methods.

Add flavor and health. Use spices and herbs all of which are considered blessed. Blessed Herbs says Sudhir Kumar MD has the potential to cure many diseases according to Ayurveda. Herbs medicate our foods to help with digestion. All herbs and spices contain medicinal properties in the form of volatile oils. These oils are attached with extra fat and oils we cook with. Use fats and oils in pipelines fries for example.