Asthma Action Plan

Asthma Action Plan
Asthma Action Plan

An asthma action plan is a written plan that is designed to help people with asthma management. it provides a series of instructions on what to do in different situations where the patient can follow. having a clearly written and defined plan has been shown to help patients manage asthma more effectively and plan can also be helpful when interacting with emergency medical services and other medical health professionals. Asthma action plans are usually prepared by the patient and his or her asthma specialist or general practitioner if GP handles asthma treatment with the patient.
in the yellow zone section that covers situations where the patient is currently experiencing difficulties spells asthma action plan out what to do. the patient may be asked to take more puffs on a rescue inhaler and to wait for improvements. If symptoms worsen the patient can be pushed into the red zone which requires immediate medical attention. while in the red zone the patient has extreme difficulty breathing and may experience other symptoms as a bluing of nails indicating poor oxygenation. in the red zone the patient is advised to call emergency services.
Typically the bottom of an asthma action also discusses possible asthma triggers and allergies. this information can be used by the patient to avoid such triggers and is also a handy record inside the patient’s chart. by checking copy of asthma action plan in the diagram a doctor may get a quick overview of how well controlled patient asthma is what kind of triggers can lead to an asthma attack for the patient and so on. this information can be useful when making decisions about treatment.

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