What Is Normal Acidity Of A Human Being?

What Is Normal Acidity Of A Human Being?
What Is Normal Acidity Of A Human Being?

Your body has a very small buffer zone to maintain normal acid-base balance in the blood. According to dietitian Mary Grosvenor the normal pH level in the blood to be between 7.35 to 7.45. Any level outside the normal range can be fatal
Acidosis is a condition when the blood has a pH level lower than 7.35 and alkalosis are having a blood pH level greater than 7. 45. In order to maintain normal pH balance your body produces buffering agents such as ammonia and bicarbonates which keeps the blood pH level within reach.
Symptoms of acidosis are severe headache diarrhea vomiting cramps and increased heart rate. His counterpart alkalosis leading to muscle weakness and cramps elevated blood calcium levels and tetany. If left untreated either condition can lead to coma and death.
Physiology Stuart Fox recommends that you eat a variety of foods accompanied by plenty of water to maintain healthy blood pH levels. Avoid eating too much food that can alter the pH level greatly such as meat coffee eggs and fermented foods.

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