What Are The Health Benefits Of Bee Pollen?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Bee Pollen?
What Are The Health Benefits Of Bee Pollen?

People want to eat healthier are turning to foods and supplements that can provide maximum nutritional value. These superfoods” include bee pollen. As a dietary supplement bee pollen been traced through the history of the Bible and other religious texts as well as ancient Chinese and Egyptian writings. Loaded with each antioxidant that has been discovered so far it has been praised for its ability to promote healing increased energy and generally create a longer healthier life
Studies of bee pollen showed high levels of cellulose and fibers and antibiotic properties. In practice it has proven to be effective against Salmonella and other strains of bacteria. It has also been shown in clinical tests to regulate the function of intestine.
immune Boosters
Bee pollen contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients that are important in strengthening the immune system. It is rich in vitamin B C D E and beta-carotene calcium magnesium selenium nucleic acids lecithin and cysteine. It is also high in protein and both monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats that can help ward off illness.
allergy Fighter
Because bee pollen is a product of flowers it contains trace amounts of substances that can cause allergic hay fever reactions. As a result some doctors prescribed it to patients who want to avoid or reduce their sensitivity to some plant-based allergens.
Some doctors have used bee pollen as a method to rejuvenate old and wrinkled skin. Because of its high concentration of nucleic acid it can protect against dehydration and stimulates the growth of new tissue. It helps smooth wrinkles and helps skin look younger. Bee pollen has also been known to relieve facial acne also.
Energy Booster
For centuries bee pollen has been a favorite for athletes to increase energy and endurance. The British Sports Council conducted a study that showed their athletes increased their strength by 40 percent to 50 percent. Finnish track athletes claimed it as an essential part of a diet and exercise regimen that helped them sweep 1972 Summer Olympics.
Weight Loss
Because it contains a high level of lecithin bee pollen can improve metabolism. By helping to dissolve and flush fat cells it can be an effective method of weight loss. Bee pollen is also good at helping to reduce food cravings.
sexual health
Studies have shown that more than 50 percent of men who were given bee pollen as part of a one-month study ended up with increased sperm count and reported better sexual performance.”