Quick Weight Loss For Teens

Quick Weight Loss For Teens
Quick Weight Loss For Teens

Losing weight can be a difficult task in general it requires patience and perseverance as some teenagers may lack. If you are a teenager and want to shed pounds quickly it is fun ways to do it. It will not always be easy so discipline required
Dance Dance Revolution
Dance Dance Revolution is a fun and interactive game that lets you get up and move. DDR use is very popular among teens and can be seen in the video arcades across the country. Please enter the video game into play system and plug in math to begin. When playing a song you have to step on the arrows (on food) as they scroll up the screen. This is a hard battle perfect cardio workout.

To lose weight quickly play Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) for at least 30 minutes every day. Take breaks if necessary because this game is perseverance demanding. Begin with simple songs then raise the level as you learn the game. Playing songs of furious pace will discourage you. Playing songs that are too light will not challenge you or make you lose weight fast enough. Therefore keep it balanced. After the first lessons you will get better at this game that you play.
eating right
Although Dance Dance Revolution will help you lose weight fast it will not do the job alone. You have to eat right too. For best results follow this weight loss program each day for a week:

7 to 8 am-3 boiled organic eggs and 2 oz. of Greek cheese

10 a. M. -An Apple

Noon-baked lean meat (chicken turkey breast salmon or veal) organic tomato salad. Add a pinch of salt balsamic vinegar and olive oil in the salad.

15: 00- £ 1 regular yogurt containing 2% to 3% fat

18: 00-19: 00-baked lean meat and cabbage salad. For a more savory cabbage salad rub a dash of salt in cabbage. Cabbage is rich in fiber and can make your stomach feel full.

Do not eat more than five times a day. To eliminate cravings should two of the meals are lean meats and the three other light snacks. Do not forget to drink plenty of water since water may give the illusion of a full stomach.
To help you lose weight fast participate in a sport that interests you. Indulge in one that involves running walking or jumping so you can sweat burn the required calories you need to lose weight. Some physical activities to consider is table tennis basketball squash badminton and skating. An hour with some of these activities combined with the right diet you shedding unwanted pounds in no time.