How To Lose Body Fat And Maintain A High Antioxidant Level

How To Lose Body Fat And Maintain A High Antioxidant Level
How To Lose Body Fat And Maintain A High Antioxidant Level

For good health two very important factors is healthy weight and consume large amounts of antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the heart while keeping a healthy weight reduces your chances of getting many diseases such as heart disease cancer and diabetes. Follow these steps to lose weight and maintain a high level of antioxidants in your body

– 1 –
Develop a training program. You may need to visit a medical professional to ensure that you are doing activities that are safe for you. Regular exercise will build muscles and make you lose weight from excess fat. Any kind of exercise is beneficial including walking jogging weight training swimming walking and stretching.

– 2 –
Choose foods that are low in saturated and hydrogenated fats which are bad for your body. Refined grains such as white bread and white rice has no place in your diet as they contain almost zero nutritional value.

– 3 –
Remember that food is healthiest when eaten as close to their natural state as possible. For example a whole apple be a better choice than applesauce. Food in its natural state has a much higher level of nutrients for the calories they contain.

– 4 –
Learn about foods that contain high levels of antioxidants. Usually nutritionists consider fruits vegetables and legumes with the darkest colors best for this purpose. Some examples are dark berries dark red kidney beans and dark skinned potatoes. Many protein-rich foods such as chicken shellfish fish and red meat also contains antioxidants.

– 5 –
Combine foods with high antioxidant levels when you can to maximize the consumption of antioxidants. For example create a bean salad or a berry salad with blueberries strawberries and raspberries as snacks.