Foods That Should Be Included In The Diabetic Diet

Foods That Should Be Included In The Diabetic Diet
Foods That Should Be Included In The Diabetic Diet

Proper diet and nutrition plays a very important role in a diabetic’s overall health. Eating healthy foods is important for a diabetic. Diabetics must maintain a good balance of carbohydrates fats sugars and protein to keep your blood glucose (sugar) levels stable. Defining foods that should be included in a diabetic diet can be found among the food groups found in Diabetes Food Pyramid. The Diabetes Food Pyramid is a little different from the USDA Food Guide Pyramid because foods are grouped based on nutrient content versus food classification.
Breads grains and starches vegetables fruits dairy products protein and meat fats and sweets all types of food that should be included in the diabetic diet. Specific foods for each category varies and is proportioned-serving size. When choosing foods to be included in a diabetic diet measure carbohydrates is important. The best way to achieve this is by talking to a health provider or nutritionist. They can advise a diabetic about carbohydrates both the quantity and type to include in your meal plan.
Breads grains and starches
As for bread cereals and starch foods including grain bread rice and pasta. Grain should be oats rye or wheat for maximum benefit. Starchy vegetables fall into this group due to carbohydrates and may contain potatoes beans and certain vegetables such as corn or peas. The ADA recommends 6 to 11 servings of this category be included in a diabetics daily meals.
Vegetables and fruits
Vegetables include spinach cauliflower Brussels sprouts carrots lettuce broccoli and tomatoes. Vegetables contain fiber minerals and vitamins are necessary for a balanced diet. They are also low in fat. Recommended daily intake is 3 to 5 servings.

Fruit also contains fiber vitamins and minerals but contain carbohydrates. Including 2 to 4 servings daily of blackberries apples oranges pears strawberries cantaloupe or grapes in a meal plan is recommended.
Dairy and Protein
Milk is a good source of dairy is like yogurt but for 2 to 3 suggested daily servings they should be non-fat. Both dairy products and meat are good sources of protein. Chicken fish lean meat and turkey are types of meat that can be included in a diabetic diet. Meat substitutes such as eggs peanut butter cheese tofu and legumes are rich in vitamins and minerals and contains the necessary proteins for healthy nutrition.
Sweets and Fats
Sweets and fats should be limited in a diabetic diet. Foods in this category include things like cakes cookies and potato chips. Butter lard and various cooking oils are also high in fat and carbohydrates. A healthier alternative to these types of oils are olive oil.