Where To Find Edible Organic Flowers

Where To Find Edible Organic Flowers
Where To Find Edible Organic Flowers

Edible organic flowers added an entree or elaborate dish is a nice touch to any meal especially when you are entertaining company. There are many places where you can find edible organic flowers to be used for special occasions
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Organic edible flowers can be used to improve a finish straight dried and ground into powder for seasoning or infused in an oil. Many edible flowers is intricate and graceful add a spectacular array of colors to any particular right to view. Each flower has its own flavor. You can add calendula for spiciness to a Thai dish or gentle sweet violets neatly placed on a wedding cake. There are hundreds of edible flowers to choose from that will add flavor to your food and color to a table.

According to the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (NSA) there are 100 kinds of common garden flowers that are edible and pleasing to the taste. NSA says the most commonly used flowers for consumption bachelor’s button bee balm borage calendula chamomile chives flowers dandelion day lily Dianthus hibiscus hollyhock impatiens lilac marigold mint nasturtium pansy roses sage squash blossom and violet.

Flowers not only add color and joy to the right but some are high in vitamins and minerals. In fact one of the best sources of vitamin C rose hip. But if you have allergies or asthma said the NSA you may want to remove the pollen-bearing parts pistils stamens and sepals.
To buy or grow
The best time to find edible organic flowers are in spring and summer when the flowers are abundant. Yet it is edible flowers that bloom in the fall. One of the best places to find organic edible flowers are at a farmers’ market. More than half of the vendors usually sell flowers. But be careful when buying. Many flower growers use chemicals. You will look for signs that say Certified Organic feel assured that the flowers were not adults with pesticides and herbicides. To locate the nearest farmers’ market you can see in a directory called Local Harvest which has a list of locations throughout the US

Another place you can find edible organic flowers are at a health food store. Depending on where you live these stores often have a good selection. If you live in a rural area try to call first.

Your local grocery store sometimes bear edible organic flowers. But you will have better luck at a specialty grocery that carries special items. The flowers are usually shipped in and enclosed in a sealed plastic box to keep them healthy. You will find flowers in the produce department.

Some kindergartens have edible organic flowers but not all nurseries are organic. The best option is to look up organic nursery in a local directory.

You can always grow your own flower garden and has all the edible organic flowers that you want. Depending on where you live easy and low-maintenance flowers to grow with calendula violas violets roses nasturtium chamomile marigolds dandelions and Dianthus.