Between Of Intestinal Parasites

Between Of Intestinal Parasites
Between Of Intestinal Parasites

there are two major groups of intestinal parasites:. helminths and protozoa collectively these organisms cause millions of infections around the world each year in regions that may vary from the urban USA to remote areas in Africa again. untreated intestinal parasites can cause long-term health problems or death in the patient and the patient can also act as a carrier to spread the parasites to other members of society.
helminths or worms are multi-celled organisms that are commonly found in cooked foods but it is also possible to become infected through contaminated water or soil. tapeworms and roundworms and pinworms are among the most famous and popular. one of the classic signs of infection with worms is the presence of worms or segments in the stool.
protozoa such as amoebas Giardia and Cryptosporidium is a single-celled organisms that can multiply freely in the intestinal tract. it can sometimes be difficult to identify protozoa because they are so small and difficult to identify in stool. People who have traveled recently should alert their doctors to this fact when requesting medical attention for symptoms suggestive of infection with intestinal parasites traveling is a major risk of infection.
multiple medications can be used to eliminate intestinal parasites from the body. These drugs are generally available by prescription only to encourage patients to go to the doctor for a diagnosis so that appropriate medication can be selected to eliminate particular species causing the infection. some patients also have success with herbal and other alternative therapies.

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