How To Lose Weight By Diet Chocolate

How To Lose Weight By Diet Chocolate
How To Lose Weight By Diet Chocolate

The chocolate diet is designed for chocolate addicts and designed by diet book author Sally Ann Voak. This diet comes with claims that by following a low calorie diet that contains a small amount of chocolate each week dieters can still lose seven pounds in two weeks. The diet plans vary as there are quizzes team that got dieter put into one of six categories of chocoholics and an appropriate diet plan is included therefore
You need:.
The original Chocolate Diet Book.
Good discipline to maintain meal plans.

– 1 –
Take the quiz in The Chocolate Diet” book to find out what level of “chocoholic” you are. This is the first step in determining what your specific weight loss plan should be.

– 2 –
No chocolate for the first week. Follow daily permissible level of calories and food as described in your version of Chocolate Diet.

– 3 –
Find the right diet that corresponds to your level. These diets will vary from 1000-1600 calories a day with small amounts of chocolate included. The low calorie total will force weight loss
Follow the recommended exercise plan -. . . Which also vary depending on the level of chocoholic you fall under

Most eating plans allow unlimited amounts of low calorie vegetables and daily skim milk and herbal tea to replace coffee.
After eating and exercise plans as they are outlined by diet keeping in mind the strict standard of calories supplied Chocolate Diet.

Tips and Warnings

Do not skip out on chocolate. You do not have many calories so you mine as well get the little treats this diet allows.
This is a low fat very low calorie diet and many will find this hard to hold onto.”