How To Be A Vegetarian In A Meat-eating Household

How To Be A Vegetarian In A Meat-eating Household
How To Be A Vegetarian In A Meat-eating Household

You have decided to be vegetarian but you’re the only one in the household. How do you deal with that
With a few simple steps you will be navigating simple meals without compromising your diet and lifestyle
You need:. .
Some good recipe books.

– 1 –
If you have not decided yet you need to know if you will be consuming dairy products and eggs.

make this decision early will help others in your household knows what to do and do not eat.

– 2 –
Have a heart to heart talk with others in your household.
Explain your decision and that you will not criticize others’ food choices. But you expect that they will respect your choice of food.

– 3 –
When it comes to meals you must decide whether you want to prepare all your own meals.

If you choose to make your meals separately from everyone else (which is what I do a lot of the time) then do a little extra to share. This way your family / house mates can sample some great vegetarian food.

– 4 –
Offer to make dinner at night.
There are a number of recipes that are sturdy enough to please just about anyone. Many times eating meat has a vegetarian they just do not think of it that way (eg spaghetti with sauce but not meat). By offering to cook dinner you get to share your good recipes with your friends and family.

– 5 –
Make sure you have a variety of vegetarian cookbooks.

It’s easy to get in a rut so make sure you have a way to constantly learn to be healthy and make a variety of dishes.

Tips and Warnings

Great cookbooks are available online and in your local bookstore.
Do not talk about evil meat industry while people are eating (especially if you were not asked).
be an ambassador for vegetarian diet.
Others will carefully watch what you eat then be kind and explain unfamiliar dishes.
Some people will try to provoke you because you do not eat meat do not get sucked into

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