Eating Intuitively

Eating Intuitively
Eating Intuitively

Are you obsessed with food? Taper or gaining weight is always a problem? Forget fad diets key to take it off and keep it off is to eat intuitively. This involves changing the way you think about food. Follow these guidelines and begins to eat to live rather than live to eat

– 1 –
Wait until you’re hungry to eat. This means physical hunger not emotional hunger. Ask yourself does it look good because I need more fuel? Or will I do it to relieve stress anger or boredom? You must learn to recognize the physical sensations of hunger so you can eat until you are starving. Rank hunger 1-10 with 10 being ravenous and try to seek nourishment while on a 5 or 6. Waiting too long will lead to poor food choices and overeating.

– 2 –
Say goodbye to obsessing over every bit that goes into your mouth and eat what you want. Stop examining all food labels for endless amounts of time then flogging yourself to eat something that is bad” for you (ie chocolate cake ice cream chicken wings). Choose a food that is low fat low carb high protein or rich in antioxidants can actually lead to feelings of deprivation. By lifting the ban on forbidden foods you will learn to eat only what you want rather than gorge like it’s the last meal. Evelyn TRIBOL an expert and author in the field who wrote in 2009 article “Intuitive Eating: Can you be healthy and eat something think you can do just that. She cites a Brigham Young University research study from 2006 showing intuitive eating has both better emotional and physical health as they learn to appreciate a wider variety of food choices.

– 3 –
Stop eating when you are physically satisfied. Are you accustomed to eating before your stomach hurts? Or worse you need to unbutton your pants after a big meal? If so you eat more than necessary to maintain you. Eat slowly and stop from time to time throughout the meal to check in on your level of fullness. Stop eating if you no longer enjoying it or your feelings of hunger are no longer present.

– 4 –
Not the place out while you eat. Have you ever started eating popcorn at the beginning of a movie and before you know what happened the fingers hit the bottom of the bucket? This is because you dissociate or tune out of the moment while continuing to eat. As a result you miss your body’s signals that physical hunger is satisfied.

– 5 –
If you fall off the wagon do not waste time beating yourself up. This is a lifestyle change and according to Evelyn TRIBOL requires practice to get right. There will be times you let you get too hungry and overeat as a result. Or stress get the best of you and you overindulge in several chocolate chip cookies. Success lies in resuming intuitive eating rather than using the slip as an excuse to binge any more.

Tips and Warnings

Be patient with yourself and do not give up. Rome was not built in a day and no one is your new relationship with food. Look for healthier ways to deal with stress (ie exercise talk about it taking a hot bath) instead of eating. Give up set notions of what “should” weigh and stop comparing yourself to others. A healthy weight is based on a number of factors including the height size and body composition.
If you are on a special diet or have a chronic medical condition such as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) diabetes or high blood pressure discuss any changes in your diet with your healthcare provider in advance.”