How To Save Money On Alaskan Seafood

How To Save Money On Alaskan Seafood
How To Save Money On Alaskan Seafood

Succulent Alaskan Seafood. . . nutritious delicious wild and expensive. The fishery is well-managed and sustainable. . . . and seafood is one of the best in the world. Unfortunately the price tag is going up every day. . . . Here are some tips on saving some money on the glorious King Crab Snow Crab salmon trout coho halibut cod pollack and turbot
Your seafood from Alaska will almost always be frozen soon after capture. The less it is handled between harvesting and buying it the less money per pound it will cost you. So look for seafood that is still frozen and are not repackaged. . . . That means bigger size packets.

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Buy your fish fillets raw and frozen. Pre-cooked parts will be more expensive.

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Crab is cooked before it is frozen. . . . so watch for large packages or boxes containing full leg portions or clusters. King Crab is usually packed by bone with claws still attached and Snow Crab are usually packed to the shin clusters.

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Avoid fish parts that have been breaded or sauced. This involves several steps more handling and more expense. Learn how to make parchment packages of fish fillets some vegetables and spices and cook them yourself. . . It takes only minutes to prepare tastes better than what you find already sauced makes the whole meal in one package and have less salt fat and fewer chemicals than the already sauced fish servings. It will cook just as quickly and cost you a lot less money at the register.

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Invest in some heavy duty freezer bags and plastic wrap or one of those home vacuum packaging gadgets. . . When you open large package of seafood carefully package the unused portion good for the freezer. . . Just to put it in a freezer bag and close the bag almost the entire way and sucks the air out with a straw will bake a big difference in the freezer life of seafood. . . Seafood can be kept for 3 months in the freezer if properly wrapped.
Comparison shop. You may find that halibut are cheaper in a store and the Crab costs less somewhere else.
Watch out for sales. King Crab is often operated as a loss leader in the seafood counter. . . Although they usually sell it thawed in the counter my fishmonger go to back and get my product is still frozen. . buy a good supply when it is on sale and pack it well for your home freezer.
Shop online. . . You can sometimes buy directly from the pack and save money.

Tips and Warnings

Frozen seafood is not as good as fresh seafood. . . but unless you live near the sea frozen seafood usually fresher than fresh seafood and the difference in quality is minimal.
When exception is scallops. . . It’s almost impossible to get a really good sear on a frozen scallops. . . When frozen they cry when thawed and burning a wet scallops just does not work. . .
Seafood should never smell fishy or ammonia. If it smells fishy at the fish counter. . . . buy hamburger.
Always ask the fishmonger if fresh seafood has been previously frozen. . . Another reason fresh frozen has become synonymous with Fresh. . . which never frozen. . .
Read labels carefully. Look for chemical additives that make frozen seafood retain water. . . and inflate the cost per pound. You want to pay for seafood. . . not retained water.
Label by law must state the country of origin. Carefully consider the fact.