How To Bake Healthier Desserts

How To Bake Healthier Desserts
How To Bake Healthier Desserts

You’re in the kitchen and you think man I want some cookies. Or maybe a cake. Mmm cake. But you realize hey it’s probably not very good for you.
Forget it. Cake is awesome you do not want to give up the cake. Keep these steps in mind and enjoy authentic cake pastry gods intended
do you need:

– 1 –
Cut out refined flour. . from cooking your.
Refined white flour is a cruel and terrible substance. Using whole wheat flour as a replacement is healthier but you may need to add extra liquid to flour absorbs moisture more than white flour.

– 2 –
Stop using refined sugar and sugar substitutes.
Honestly avoid anything with refined white sugar or high fructose corn syrup and you will feel healthier in a month’s time. Instead replace sugar with maple syrup or fruit juice (100% juice no added sugar). B Rate maple syrup work best but I have used a character in a pinch with still tasty result.
Because these are liquid sweeteners you can go on a 3/4 ratio less liquid sweetener than refined sugar called for then reduce the other liquids used for keeping sweets becomes watery. Using flour also helps because it absorbs more liquid.

– 3 –
Consider replacing dairy products with soy. In baking I find that replacing cow’s milk with soy milk makes no difference in taste so it’s an easy switch to make and allows me to enjoy my dairy for the day in other ways for example with yogurt or pepper jack cheese without added guilt.

– 4 –
Use more spices such as cinnamon and vanilla to add flavor instead of sugar. I for one like cloves with chocolate mine but your mileage may vary.

– 5 –
Use healthier toppings.
Fruits nuts coconut shavings and dark chocolate is better for you than sugary sprinkles and has more taste to go around. For icing you nut butters (peanut butter cashew butter or almond butter for example) and mixing them with maple syrup or cinnamon (and other sweet spices) make delicious healthier substitutions.

Tips and Warnings

Everything in moderation. Just because sweets are not as bad for you as they might have been before you should still get enough of your fruits nuts and vegetables. But a piece of cake after dinner every day certainly will not kill you and may keep cravings at bay to help you maintain your health and weight.
Experiment with different ingredients. Eat and its preparations should be fun. Consider dabbling in unusual ingredients like coconut flour or cooking with yogurt and branch out with new ideas.