Haematuria Syndrome

Haematuria Syndrome
Haematuria Syndrome

hematuria syndrome is a condition where there is blood in urine. Normally regarded as a benign temporary condition hematuria also indicate a more serious condition if there are persistent symptoms worsen. Treatment for haematuria syndrome depends on the underlying cause of the symptoms and may include use of antibiotics and in some cases surgery in the presence of a chronic illness.
those who develop a microscopic hematuria generally remain asymptomatic meaning they did not experience noticeable symptoms. people who are symptomatic will usually notice that your urine is discolored but they experience no discomfort. it is usually only in the presence of a chronic condition that additional symptoms may develop such as with Alport syndrome. other conditions such as low back pain-hematuria syndrome may occur with the stomach and pelvic discomfort.
Treatment for hematuria syndrome is usually centered on relieving the secondary condition that causes symptoms. in the presence of infection such as a urinveisinfeksjon (UTI) is an antibiotic generally given for several days during which time urine discoloration will decrease completely. more complex conditions such as kidney stones can necessitate surgery. chronic and inherited conditions which trigger the development of haematuria syndrome often require more extensive treatment can include the use of medications blodoverføring or organtransplantasjon.

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