How To Do Miss Hamlin Is Raw Cranberries

How To Do Miss Hamlin Is Raw Cranberries
How To Do Miss Hamlin Is Raw Cranberries

Why eat boiled cranberries when you can have the best tasting raw applesauce. I had ten people to test the taste of this cranberries and all who tasted it loves the taste
You need:. .
12 grams of organic cranberries Mobiltelefoni4 organic apples [remember is 2 apples cut into pieces].
1 cup raisins.
food processor.

– 1 –
I acquire raisins from my local heath food store in bulk section. I bought 1 / u00A3 2 of organic Thompson Raisins.

– 2 –
The recipe requires twelve grams Cranberries ca. three cups. In the health food store where I bought these cranberries they just sold cranberries in pint container not the usual twelve oz bag so you should use one and a half pints or three cups.

– 3 –

These apples are beyond our organic apple tree
these are the hand tools I used to create the raw applesauce :. . . can opener food chopper peeler

– 5 –
In Alissa recipe she does not say how long to soak. As I said above I use organic Thompson Raisins and is very soft already and they probibly not need soaking but I dipped them half an hour. If you use hard raisins so you’re going to need to suck you until they are soft.
I used a regular potato peeler to peel apples. I’m not so good with a small knife.
I really like to use an Apple Slice to the core and slice apples. It makes the job easy. Share apples into two piles half will be used as basic raw sauce and half are chopped up and thrown into the sauce after it is mixed.
Take half of cored and sliced ??apples and cut them into smaller pieces. The size of the chopped pieces is up to you. I like smaller pieces.
Okay we have everything we need to make the raw cranberries. On the left side of the food processor is chopped apples and soaked raisins that we should throw in the raw applesauce. On the right are cranberries and sliced ??apples we make the basic applesauce out of.
Put cranberries and apple slices into the food processor. . .

Blend cranberries and apple slices until the mixture is smooth if it is too thick for you you can add some of the raisins soak water a little at a time. If it is too thin try to add another piece of an apple
. NOTE: If you want the cranberry mix even smoother put the mixture in a blender or Vita-Mix
<. br> 12.
Here is a close up of the blended mixture of cranberries and apples that I decided was ready for use.
Pour cranberry mixture into one bowl so you can toss in raisins and chopped apples in cranberry mixture
. NOTE: This cranberry mixture is acidic when you first do it but after it sits in the refrigerator for a few hours it seems to mellow out as far as tartness. So it might be a good idea for you to wait a while before you consider adding your favorite sweetener.
Put the raisins in the bowl and thoroughly mix raisins with cranberry sauce.
Put the chopped apples in the bowl and mix thoroughly apples with cranberries.
Our Canberry sauce is now complete. We are ready now to place it on the table or save it for later use.
I begin more and more to store in glass containers. I think if you save this Canberry sauce in a plastic container that it would stain the container. If it can stain a container what can also be leeched from the plastic into the cranberries. I think it’s safer to use glass
The cranberries are now ready to decorate and place on the table
NOTE :. . . If you had cranberry sauce stored in the refrigerator and you feel it is too thick just add a little water.