Calorie Counting Diets

Calorie Counting Diets
Calorie Counting Diets

Calorie-counting diet is a basic weight loss plan that has been overshadowed in recent years by macronutrient counting diets that focus on protein and carbohydrates. But calorie-counting diet can certainly take off pounds if done correctly
Do not assume all calories are created equal. A dieter on a 2 000-calorie diet will see poor results if he consumed all those calories from ice cream instead of eating a balanced diet that includes lean proteins fruits and vegetables. Ice cream and other snacks are mostly sugar and processed foods which the body does not burn as fast as it does other types of food. Stick to natural unprocessed foods for the quickest results.
Have a daily food log of what you eat and your total calories. If weight loss goals go off kilter somehow you can make minor adjustments by changing what you eat and cut out more calories. Without food log it’s hard to know where you may have gone wrong and what you should change.
The biggest advantage to a calorie-counting diet is that you have a clearly defined goal to work toward. By setting a specific calorie limit you know instantly whether you succeeded at the end of each day. Furthermore strict calorie counting instill in you the discipline you need to succeed in the battle for weight loss.
A calorie-counting diet will almost always be less than one macronutrient counting diet such as a low-carb plan because the latter regulates food choices and calories. In contrast a calorie-counting dieter often be tempted to use up” their remaining daily calories on unhealthy items that will in the long term keeping him from his goal.”