The Best Way To Cleanse The Colon

The Best Way To Cleanse The Colon
The Best Way To Cleanse The Colon

Colon cleansing is growing in popularity as a healthy way to cleanse the body internally. But detoxification process is not without its opponents. Some colon cleansing options are better than others. If you decide to undergo colon cleansing get enough information about methods and the pros and cons of the practice
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Colon Cleansing Controversy
Colon cleansing or colonic irrigation sounds like a great way to wash away unwanted toxins cleanse the body increase energy levels and revitalize the immune system. Advocates of the treatment claim that toxins trapped inside
gastrointestinal tract can cause a variety of health problems if not they are not properly eliminated. For example Amala El working with Healing Arts for Wellness in Greensboro North Carolina says the pressurized device she uses sends a temperate stream of filtered water in the colon remove any impurities.

However critics of the colon cleansing including Dr. Gary Poleynard one gastroenterologist at Forsyth Medical Center insists that it is an unnecessary process and can be potentially harmful. Opponents argue the digestive system and bowels rid sufficient body of bacteria and waste naturally.
Best cleaning methods
Colon cleansing irrigation kits say they are painless and easy to use. You can buy such kits over the counter. They include detailed instructions and equipment for safe colonic irrigation. Colonic irrigation is meant to ease constipation backache and indigestion and a host of smaller but still annoying ailments.

Colon hydrotherapy is administered by a trained therapist colonics. The therapist administers enemas to inject water often mixed with herbs or other fluids in the colon using special equipment. The procedure is intended to detoxify the major organs of elimination restore proper bowel function and relieve constipation.

A toxin flush diet is intended to rid the body of toxins and free radicals by consuming natural or raw foods for several days. It may consist of a liquid-only diet for a certain period or may contain fruits vegetables and fiber. These diets generally recommend avoiding caffeinated drinks alcohol and cigarettes during the flush.
Colon Cleansing Precautions
If chronic constipation have you thinking about colon cleansing first make sure you drink enough fluids get plenty of exercise and eating a high-fiber diet. If you decide to undergo a cleansing process make sure the colon-cleansing practitioner uses disposable equipment that has never been used. Remember that colon cleansing is not a miracle cure for any disease. Be skeptical of any claim that it can improve your health if you are sick.