How To Stay Healthy

How To Stay Healthy
How To Stay Healthy

If you’re like most of us you will either stay healthy or improve your health. There are some simple steps that can improve your health but do not change the world for much

– 1 –
Drinking pomegranate juice
This colorful fruit is high in antioxidants which can help reduce atherosclerosis (arterial plaque) an important risk factor of heart disease
Eat an apple a day -. . I know I know -. Have you heard this before
A London study found that eating at least five apples a week can improve lung function thanks to a powerful antioxidant called quercetin that can protect the lungs against the effects of pollution and cigarette smoke.

– 3 –
Get more calcium
This powerful nutrient can protect colon as well as bones. Swedish re-searchers have found an association between high intake of calcium and vitamin D and a decreased risk of colon and rectal cancer.

– 4 –
Add cranberries to your diet
University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth researchers have linked cranberry consumption for stroke protection. Early evidence suggests that the berries can reduce oxidative damage to the brain that occur during a stroke.

– 5 –
Take a vitamin E supplement
High blood levels of alpha-tocopherol a form of vitamin E can lower the risk of developing cancer of the stomach and esophagus according to new research from China.

Tips and Warnings

These are simple tips that anyone can handle
These are not life changing change just small changes that can help
Have a healthier life!