Eating Green For Better Health

Eating Green For Better Health
Eating Green For Better Health

. When you eat green can help the environment and give use to choose healthier more purer foods to help nourish our bodies
You need:
. Awareness.
A little extra time.
The ability to create a shopping list.

– 1 –
Shop at your local farmers market. Most local farmers tend to grow their fuits and vegetables without the use of harmful chemicals and you will also save energy by buying from Fame’s market because you help to eliminate the gasoline expense of trucking the produce in from far away places.

– 2 –
Stay clear of genetically modified organisms. With the technology we have today we can create manmade plants and also clone other living materials. Always remember that genetically modified organisms can be crossed by natural organisms and contaminate non-genetically modified organisms.

– 3 –

Reduce use of packaged foods. Since we produce 200 million tons per day from food packages it would be best to buy in bulk and buy reuseable grocery bags. Also try to keep the plastic ziplock bags and wash them out to use them to save more money.

– 4 –
Go for outlying meat. Today more farmers are allowing their animals to graze on uncultivated instead of caged animals in small cages to promote faster growth. Be sure to investigate the farm as you buy your meat products that claim to be cage free” you’ll be surprised how often this claim is false.

– 5 –
Five. Go with ocean safe fish. Try to eat fish that are not there near extinction because it tends to cause the ecosystem becomes unbalanced. Some sea safely fish include: Catfish Mahi Mahi Striped Bass Tilapia and Alaska Salmon