What Are The Six Basic Food Groups?

What Are The Six Basic Food Groups?
What Are The Six Basic Food Groups?

The United States Department of Agriculture identifies six basic food groups part of the food pyramid. The food in these groups should all be part of a healthy diet
Fruit must be 100 percent fruit to be in this group fuit juices and canned fruits are in this group. Surprisingly avocado is part of this group.
Grains include whole grains such as brown rice oatmeal and bulgur. Korn has also refined grains such as white flour white bread and white rice.
Meat and beans
This group includes dried beans and peas meat poultry fish eggs nuts and seeds. Canned fish is also part of this group.
This group includes milk and dairy products like cheese and yogurt. Milk can be soy or lactose-free milk. Dairy in this group must keep the calcium content.
To be in this group oils not be solid. Vegetable oils constitute the largest part of this group but oils from nuts olives some fish and avocados are also part of it.
There are five types of vegetables: dark green starch dried peas and beans oranges and other vegetables.