How To Calculate Your Resting Metabolic Rate (rmr)

How To Calculate Your Resting Metabolic Rate (rmr)
How To Calculate Your Resting Metabolic Rate (rmr)

The body uses energy all the time. You may remain rest gjøre”ingenting ‘ but every cell in the body uses energy to keep you alive. Knowing the minimum of calories you should eat on a daily basis will help any weight goal you may have.
Note that Resting Metabolic Rate is sometimes referred to as basal energy expenditure (BEE) or Basal Metabolic. Rate (BMR)
You need:.
Paper and Printing tool.

– 1 –
For these calculations I’ll give you the general formula then make an example of an average” woman age 37 by 5 ?”og 143 kg.
Multiply 50 times your weight in pounds then divide by 11.
(Alternatively you can take 10 times your weight in kilograms.)
For example our:. . 50 x 143/11 = 650
Multiply 15 875 times your height in inches
(Alternatively you can take 6.25 times your height in centimeters.)

For our example: 15 875 x 62 = 984.25
Multiply 5 times your age in years
For our example :. . 5 x 37 = 185

– 4 –
Add your result from Step 1 and Step 2 together. Then subtract the result from step 3
For our example :. . 650 + 984.25 to 185 = 1449.25
the result of step 4 add 5 if you are male or subtract 161 if you are female
For our example :. 1449. 25 to 161 = 1288.25
This result is your RMR and would be the amount of calories you would burn if you did nothing but sleep all day.
Since most of us do not sleep all day every day we must take this number and multiply it with a ‘business faktoren”for to get a true picture of the total calories used each day. (NB: Many people tend to overestimate their activity level.)
1200 = sedentary (little or no exercise)
1375 = lightly active (light exercise / sports 1-3 days / week ??)
? 1550 = moderately active (moderate exercise / sports 3-5 days / week)
? 1725 = very active (hard exercise / sports 6-7 days a week)
? 1. 900 = extra active (very hard exercise / sports and physical job)
For our example let’s assume we are easily active.
1288.25 x 1 375 = 1771.34

If your goal is to lose weight is a method of eating less than your body burns each day. Initially you’ll only want to reduce their calorie intake by around 5% at least 4 weeks before making further reductions and never drops below 20% of RBR yours. To calculate a 5% reduction multiply Step 6 times 0.95. A 20% reduction would be Step 6 times 0.8
For our example :. 1771.34 x 0.95 = 1682.78
1771.34 x 0.8 = 1417.08

Tips and Warnings

There are a variety of methods to calculate RMR. The above measures were designed based on the Mifflin-St Jeor formula which was regarded as the most accurate in 2005 by the American Dietetic Association (ADA).
Remember to re-calculate your RMR needed. Specifically the number you got in step 3 will change each time you have a birthday. If you try and succeed in losing (or gain) weight the number you got in step 1 also changes.
You should always consult with your doctor before starting any weight loss program.”

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