Food For The Alkaline Diet Plan

Food For The Alkaline Diet Plan
Food For The Alkaline Diet Plan

An alkaline diet plan involves eating foods that provide an alkaline effect in the human body. All food and drinks that we consume produces ash residue. Some foods produce an acid ash and other alkaline ash. Most foods that leave an acid ash are meat dairy products sweets and fats. The food which leaves an alkaline ash is more beneficial to the body and overall health
Alkaline Fruits vegetables and beverages
Fruit alkaline diet is limited due to the sugar content. Fruits allowed are lemon lime avocado tomato grapefruit watermelon rhubarb apples pears kiwi berries and dried figs and raisins.
The diet allows an ample amount of vegetables and recommends making a salad big enough for three days. Some of the vegetables including cabbage artichokes lettuce onions peas spinach green beans kale cucumber and sprouts.
Healthy beverages have no caffeine or sugar. They are fresh vegetable juices distilled water lemon water herbal tea vegetable broth and soy or almond milk.
seeds nuts and Fats
The alkaline diet allows nuts and seeds such as almonds pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds flax lentils and sesame seeds. The fat allowable is olive oil flax hemp avocado borage and coconut oil. Some dips are allowed as pesto sauce hummus and tahini. Most often you will eat the dips with raw vegetables. If you are really hungry eat small snacks like nuts and seeds often throughout the day.
Guidelines for Alkaline Diet Plan and Ph Scale
According alkaline diet we should focus on eating at least 60 percent alkaline foods in our diet. Eat plenty of healthy raw foods and drinking plenty of distilled water.
The Ph scale measures the acidity or alkalinity of certain fluids in the body. The higher the pH meter the more alkaline the solution is. The alkaline considered healthier because it contains more oxygen. The Ph scale is 0 to 14 with 7 being neutral. Human blood should be slightly alkaline-between 7.35 and 7.45-for good health. At some pharmacies you can find Ph strips that measure the body’s acidity or alkalinity.
Before starting any diet check with your doctor to make sure it is suited to your health condition.