Effects On Metabolism When Losing Weight Too Fast

Effects On Metabolism When Losing Weight Too Fast
Effects On Metabolism When Losing Weight Too Fast

Basics Metabolism
Your metabolic rate is the rate at which the body burns calories. This price varies depending on genetics weight activity level and eating habits. When you lose weight your metabolism slows usually down. According to www. weightlossresources. co. uk when you weigh more it requires more calories to move around and support other cells than a lighter person.

When you lose weight too fast your metabolism slows down making it difficult to keep the weight off or lose more. Rapid weight loss is usually a result of crash diets that deprive the body of necessary calories and nutrients. With these extreme diets the weight will go in first but it will not stay outside because your metabolism slows down and begins to turn calories into fat to use instead use them as fuel.
Starvation mode
As www. weightlossresources. co. UK tells us restricting calories causes metabolic rates to reduce. If your body is out of calories for too long it will begin to hoard every calorie it gets and storing it as fat because it knows more calories will not soon be heading. In other words your body goes into starvation mode and store calories than to burn them. Rather than burning calories the body begins to break down muscle mass which is essential to keeping your metabolic rate up. Fat burns calories at a much slower than muscles do such as muscle disappears slows the metabolism even more.
Boosting Metabolism
Rather than go on a crash diet fasting or caloric restriction to the point where you are constantly hungry eat several small healthy meals throughout the day and build muscle to speed up your metabolism up. As the Mayo Clinic says burns muscles more calories than fat so by strengthening the 4 to 6 days a week to burn fat and build muscle you’ll burn more calories throughout the day whatever you do. Also by eating enough calories and spread them out over five or six balanced meals every day your body will not hesitate to burn calories because it expects another meal soon.