Effects Of Grape Seed Oil

Effects Of Grape Seed Oil
Effects Of Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil -. Made from the seeds of grapes after being pressed for wine and juice aids with cooking both hot and cold food. After the grapes are crushed the stems a fleshy mixture of leaves and seeds called pomace remains. Within 24 hours after crushing manufacturers monitor the seeds press them exrtact oil and bottle it. It takes about one tonne of grapes to make a bottle of grape seed oil.
health effects
Grape seed oil does not contain cholesterol have large amounts of vitamin E and constitute a source of linoleic acid is one of the essential omega-6 fatty acids. A study published by the Journal of American College of Cardiology in 1993 reported that by replacing grapeseed oil for other cooking and salad oils participants lowered their LDL or bad cholesterol and raised their HDL or good cholesterol.
Grape seed oil increases antioxidant levels. Researchers believe that antioxidants protect against damaging compounds called free radicals that damage DNA. Free radicals may contribute to heart disease cancer and signs of aging. Edema swelling as a result of surgery or injury-sink faster in patients who ingested grape seed extract versus those who had a placebo
Researchers continue to study the effects of grape seed extract on several other factors. Including hypertension diabetes near vision hemorrhoids cancer and liver damage caused by chemotherapy. Although it has no known side effects grape seed extract may have harmful effects when combined with other medications. Always talk to a doctor before taking it or any related supplements.